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Equipment and technology can assist us to achieve independence in activities we may otherwise have difficulty with.

​Although equipment and technology can improve our lives drastically, it should always be prescribed appropriately to ensure it best meets your individual needs. 

Acacia Therapy can work with you to find the perfect equipment to enhance your independence and support you to... ​​  

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Equipment prescription

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We prescribe...

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Occupational Therapy

Acacia Therapy can advise and prescribe the following: 


  • Wheelchairs, with or without specialised and supportive seating.

  • ​Strollers.

  • Bathing equipment.

  • Hoists for transfers.

  • ​Pressure care equipment.

  • Mobility scooters

  • Beds & chairs

  • ​Daily living aids


  • Alternative access to computers and speech generating devices * (SPDs).​

​ * SPDs often require collaboration with other health professionals such as your speech pathologist. Acacia Therapy can help in this regard.