Your therapist will contact you to discuss how telehealth can work for you and your family and support you in setting up a space and the required technology. Each telehealth program is designed to meet the individual needs of the client. Ideally, you would have a space in your house away from noise, with a non-cluttered background that is well lit to conduct the telehealth session. A table and an open space to complete activities would also be useful.

Coviu (telehealth platform) needs 3 things to work perfectly:

1.     Internet Connectivity - Coviu needs the internet to work. All you need is a minimum of 350Kbps for both upload and download.
2.     Device or computer - Coviu has been built to run on all modern machines, both computers and smart devices such as phones and tablets. Most laptops that are from 2010 and later will have an inbuilt camera, speaker and microphone. If your laptop is from before 2010 you will need to investigate your hardware.
3.     Browser - Coviu was built to run on a Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

There is no need to sign up with Coviu, Acacia Therapy has signed up and your therapist will send you an email with a link to the session. The email will have a big red button that says click here to 'join the call'.

Acacia Therapy is here to help you each step of the way. We are able to assist with technology setup and problem solving, just give us a ring! 

Click here to do a Precall Test through Coviu 

Getting setup for Telehealth with us

Evidence is emerging that indicates telehealth services can be as effective as traditional face to face therapy sessions and has been used in Australia to deliver allied health services to individuals who are geographically isolated. Other benefits of telehealth include:
·      Accessibility - available to people in remote and                                regional areas.
·      Convenience – therapy directly in the home!
·      The option to complete sessions in a                                                 familiar and comfortable environment.
·      The fun and interactive nature of online therapy!

Benefits of Telehealth?

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Telehealth consultations are virtual appointments conducted over the phone or via video conferencing in real time. Telehealth allows a client and their family to connect and speak to their therapist through a simple audio link or interact with them through a screen.

At Acacia Therapy we utilise Coviu, which is a video conferencing platform developed specifically for Allied Health services.  This means we offer Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology sessions directly to you in your home or wherever you are located.

What is Telehealth?

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